Cycling is the new Golf - Not everyone is convinced it seems.....

Cycling is the new Golf - Not everyone is convinced it seems.....
Article contributed by Shawn Twomey
Written on 17 May 2017

Cycling is the new Golf - Not everyone is convinced it seems.....


A subject that I’m sure has been debated in offices, bars and cafes passionately over the years, and one that a number of articles have been written about in Business Media outlets regularly.

It’s not a new debate, but it is one that shows no signs of disappearing, and one that seems to generate a high amount of passion from both the Plaid wearing Ping hitters as well as the Lycra loving, Pinarello riders to put their case forward.

We’ve recently had a number of passionate discussions in the TAP WA Office and with our clients on the subject and there is a real 50/50 split. So far there doesn't seem to be a clear winner on whether Cycling really has replaced Golf as the Networking tool of choice for executives in modern business.

As anyone who has seen me swing a Golf club knows I would most definitely be a MAMIL rather than a Golfer, but I enjoy participating in both from a networking point of view and I’m always intrigued to see where people sit in this debate.

People in the 'Cycling being the new Golf' camp, point to some of the key statistics around participation in both sports, and data that Cycling numbers are increasing across the Globe, whilst Golf’s numbers are at best staying stable. Articles from publications like the Economist state that:

“Golfs meditative quality does not suit the frenetic pace of modern life" and that this current generation of young executives, are not particularly interested in walking around slowly. They want to do something physical, especially outdoors”.

However there are still a number of my clients who are firmly of the belief that Cycling will never replace Golf, with 2 of the main reasons being:

-         A clear dislike for the idea of dressing up in anything Lycra (certainly in public!)

-         It’s pretty hard to carry a conversation whilst participating in a group ride

Both very valid and understandable points! - I’d love to get people’s views on this debate on here.

But whilst this is a debate that is sure to roll on, the great news for any of our clients and candidates in WA is that whichever camp you’re in we run a networking event for you:

Our Social Sunrise Cycle goes from strength to strength and is ran by Simon Winston

And our monthly Golf event is always popular organised by Mitch Hunt

If you’re looking for a chance to grow your network or just enjoy some social cycling or Golf get in touch with the team to get involved!

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